Getting married at St Peter’s

1. Can we be married at St Peter’s?

Provided you are legally allowed to marry each other, you can do it at St Peter’s if one of both of you:
1. Live in St Peter’s parish, or
2. Are on St Peter’s electoral roll (you can be entered on this if you are over 16 and have worshipped here regularly for at least 6 months); or
3. Were baptized at St Peter’s; or
4. Were confirmed after being prepared for confirmation here; or
5. Lived in the parish, or worshipped in the parish, for at least 6 months at any time in the past.

You also qualify if your parents or grandparents were married at St Peter’s, or if one of your parents lived in the parish, or worshipped at St Peter’s, for at least 6 months during your lifetime.

If you aren’t sure whether you qualify, one of our ministers will be able to help you. They may need to ask you for further documentation or information.

In addition, you will need to pay the fees laid down by law (see Question 12) and normally have banns read (see Question 4).

2. What if one or both of us has been married before?

If your former spouse is still alive, that is not a bar to getting married at St Peter’s. Before agreeing to marry you, the minister will meet to talk to you about it.

3. What if one or both of us is not a UK national?

Special issues arise in this situation, so you will need to discuss it with a minister as soon as possible.

4. Banns

Usually, you must have banns of marriage read out at our main service on three Sundays before your wedding. The minister will ask you to fill out a form to provide the information we will need to read your banns and, later on, for the marriage register and your marriage certificate. You are very welcome to come and hear your banns being read! Our Sunday service starts at 10am and lasts just over an hour.

Please note: If either or both of you lives outside the parish, you must have your banns are read in the other parish(es) too. You will have to produce a banns certificate from the other parish(es) to the minister, no later than the wedding rehearsal. We suggest you contact the other parish(es) as soon as possible about applying for your banns to be read.

5. What preparation will there be?

You will have at least three meetings with the minister. Small group preparation is also sometimes available.

6. The order of service

The vicar and curate will be happy to help you create your own special ceremony. For more information, please see the Church of England’s weddings information.

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