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Service of the Word

12th September 2021 @ 10:00 am - 10:45 am


Eckart Marchand will preside at this Sunday’s Service of the Word. The sermon comes from Stephen King. Sarah McMahon will play cello.


Service Sheet


35 A SERVICE OF THE WORD Trinity 15 docx



From Stephen King


Sermon 12.9.2021 Stephen King



From Peter Day


Let us all join together in prayer.

We pray that we may come to know Jesus as his Disciples learnt to do.

Oh Lord in your mercy hear our prayers.

As pandemic uncertainty continues, we pray for those who are ill, and those who are fearful of illness. We pray for those caught up in natural and unnatural disasters: in storms, in flooding, in hunger, in forest fires.

Oh Lord in your mercy hear our prayers.

We pray for the world’s refugees, and for those seeking to care for them in all parts of the world, here in London, and here in De Beauvoir.

Oh Lord in your mercy hear our prayers.

We ask for God’s help for those who are thrown out of work, for those for whom the future is uncertain, and those who have far too much work to do. We continue to pray for the isolated, the lonely, and the anxious. May they also be comforted and given hope.

Oh Lord in your mercy hear our prayers.

We give thanks for all those who love their neighbours: in particular for those who care for the sick, and the many who continue to provide the services our society relies upon. We ask for God’s protection on those who have returned to work, and to school and college.

Oh Lord in your mercy hear our prayers.

We pray that our national and international leaders may be guided to make wise decisions for the wellbeing of our future world.

Oh Lord in your mercy hear our prayers.

We pray for those who are deeply worried about people they love.

Oh Lord in your mercy hear our prayers.

We pray for those who have recently died, and for those who grieve for them, and also for those whose anniversaries we remember: James Williams, Henrietta Cox, Elizabeth Hayward, and Basil Lake

Rest eternal grant unto them O Lord.

And may Your light perpetual shine upon them.

We give thanks for St Peter’s. We pray for God’s blessing on Simon (soon to join us), and his colleagues at St Mellitus College; on Julia, on Sarah, and their families. We give thinks for all those who have led our worship in the months of the priestly interregnum.  And we ask God to bless all who are here in person or online, who make music and support our Church. We look forward to the time when worship can return to normal.

Oh Lord in your mercy hear our prayers.

Oh Lord, we know that every day in this parish, hundreds of prayers are offered to you by many people inside and outside this Church, like arrows shot to heaven. They echo our thoughts and fears, our joys and our sorrows. They continue our formal worship into our everyday lives. Oh Lord in your mercy hear our prayers now, and listen for those we will utter up in the coming weeks and years.

Merciful God, accept these prayers for the sake of your son our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen







12th September 2021
10:00 am - 10:45 am
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