2. How can I or my child be baptised at St Peter’s?

St Peter De Beauvoir
Sep 26 2015

The basic rule in the Church of England is that you or your child should be baptised in your local parish church. But there is an exception if you attend another church, outside your parish.

If you don’t live in the parish, we normally won’t baptise you or your child at St Peter’s unless you have been attending church regularly over a period of time. So you may need to think about approaching the church in your own parish if this applies to you.

If you do live in St Peter’s parish, we will be delighted to baptise you or your child. We ask that you undergo some preparation and that you meet the requirements about godparents and sponsors (explained later on). As baptism is about identifying with the Christians community, we’d like to think you would want to get to know us and join in our worship.

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