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A commitment to contemplation, creativity, and compassion far and wide <3
A digital candle links us with St Michael in Hawkshead. Prayers shared in each church will be projected to join our communities in prayer.
Local beekeepers run seasonal workshops in St. Peter's Crypt. "We encourage people and businesses to plant more pollinator friendly forage."
Local writer and performer, Jocelyn Esien "made history as the first black female to write and star in her own TV sketch show, BBC's LITTLE MISS JOCELYN."
Local sculptor Sophie Dickens installation, 'The Four Evangelists' at St. Peter's Church
"Our mission is to provide well-being through gardening and we are passionate about providing educational opportunities, relieving social exclusion and providing therapy to those in need through horticulture and healthy living."
If you live locally and would like to join in, we would love to hear from you.
The De Beauvoir Gardeners is a club for anyone who has a window-box, a small patch of ground, an allotment or a garden. Meets monthly first Tuesdays in St. Peter's Crypt.
Local artist Cedric Christie's 'Stations of the Cross' hang in the gallery of St. Peter's Church.
St. Peter's is a pick-up point for Growing Communities organic fruit and vegetable box scheme.
Sound Advice run Acoustic Sundays on the first Sunday of the month in St. Peter's Crypt. "A fluffy community music all-dayer that is, if anything, *too* friendly, welcoming and talented."
De Beauvoir Balloon Debate brings together three speakers and topics in one enjoyable evening. We ask our audience: if you could save one idea out of three in a hot air balloon – which would it be? Hosted in St Peter's Crypt four times a year.
De Beauvoir Womens Institute
We offer affordable acupuncture in our multibed clinic on Tuesdays 4-8 or Fridays 9:30-1:30 in St Peter's Crypt.
One of St. Peter's supported charities - Switchback is an intensive mentoring programme. Our Switchback Mentors help 18-30 year old male offenders – Trainees – make real, long-lasting change after their release from prison
The Community of Aidan and Hilda is a dispersed, ecumenical body drawing inspiration from the lives of the Celtic saints. The Open Gate, on Lindisfarne is our main house and offers accommodation for members and visitors. We provide a programme of retreats and events on Holy Island, around the UK, and internationally.
The London Spirituality Centre website runs workshops and seminars near Bank.
'The Monastery Revisited'. This film returns the original 5 men who spent 40 days Worth Abbey.
Eckhart Tolle | Official Site - Spiritual Teachings and Tools For Personal Growth and Happiness
Iona Abbey, Iona, Scotland, dates from 563 and one of the oldest and most important religious centres in Western Europe