4. What are the rules about godparents and sponsors?

St Peter De Beauvoir
Sep 25 2015

Children baptised in the Church of England traditionally have at least three godparents, at least two of who should be the same gender as the child. However the rules also say that “when three cannot conveniently be had”, one godfather and one godmother is fine.

Godparents are usually relatives or friends, but parents can be godparents too.

Adults being baptised have sponsors rather than godparents. Each candidate should have at least two sponsors. Their role in the service is to present the candidate for baptism.

Godparents and sponsors have an important role to play in supporting the baptised on their journey into a loving relationship with God and neighbour, which God created them for. Because of this, the rules require them to have been baptised themselves, and preferably confirmed as well.

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