Autumn Leaf Reflection

Julia Porter-Pryce
Nov 15 2019

Even in our city life we live in a rhythm, moving back and forth through times and seasons – not always in the expected order. Autumn is a season when fruit has come into fullness; a season of ripening and of harvest where we gather what is being yielded up. It is traditionally a time of thanksgiving, but is also tinged with loss. It is a time of transition and letting go, and also a time of new possibilities.

  • Pick an autumn leaf


  • Notice its colours/textures/patterns/shapes


  • Think about the seasons of your life – spring, summer, autumn, winter – which season are you in now?


  • How does it feel when seasons change – sad, expectant, fearful, liberating, glad to be changing, thankful…a mix of feelings?


  • Can you recall any changing seasons that stand out in your life – or does the rhythm of the seasons simply come and go for you?
  • What comes to mind about withering, letting go, turning to mulch?

A mulch is a layer of material applied to the surface of soil. Reasons for applying mulch include conservation of soil moisture, improving fertility and health of the soil, reducing weed growth and enhancing the visual appeal of the area.


  • Consider the things in your life/in your church that are being blown by the wind and falling to the ground.


  • Imagine what may be nurtured in seasons to come.
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