Artist-in-Residence at St Peter De Beauvoir explores ‘Memory’

Julia Porter-Pryce
Jan 15 2018

This Lent, ANGELA WRIGHT will be Artist-in-Residence at St Peter De Beauvoir (February 14th – March 31st). Angela and participants will be working to create ‘Memory’, an installation made up of objects that evoke memories of the past. Everyone is invited to donate a small object to what promises to be a striking and even moving piece of collaborative work.

‘Memory’ will consist of a vast number of memory-evoking objects, suspended from an undulating wire mesh, which will be attached to the long wooden rails on the walls of the side aisles in St Peter’s.  This will enable the objects to be seen close-up as they nestle in the mesh. Textiles will be woven through the mesh in a stream of Lenten/Easter colours flowing amidst the objects.


On Sunday, January 21st at 11.30am (in church), there will be the opportunity to meet Angela, see a presentation of her past art work and discuss the ‘Memory’ installation for St Peter’s. The event is open to all – you do not need to be a regular at St Peter’s to join in this artistic adventure!

Angela will also hold a series of MEMORY WORKSHOPS for those with Dementia and their carers, but open to all. The workshops will involve handling objects, drawing, singing, theatre, poetry, sounds, and smell.

Saturday 24 February 12-3pm

Friday 2 March 12-3pm

Saturday 10 March 12-3pm

Friday 16 March 12-3pm

You can see some of Angela’s beautiful installations here and also above.

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