A new website for St Peter’s

Sarah Dallas
Oct 2 2015

Can digital space ever be sacred space? Yes, if that is the intention when creating it.

When the team at St Peter’s decided to update our website, the idea was to create something fresh and welcoming.

We worked with web designers Moore & Moore Creative to dream up an online space that would both calm and inspire. The colours, font and images were carefully chosen with that aim in mind.

Click on the St Peter’s website today, and you will find an online experience that replenishes the spirit. Clear and refreshing—just like church itself.

Finding peace on the web seems counterintuitive. Our digital world often feels just as frantic as our physical lives.

Yet just as we may step off a noisy street into the silent arms of a quiet church, so we can click away from Google and You Tube onto a website or a blog imbued with a sense of the divine.

Because digital space is as sacred as we choose to make it. We can build virtual areas where we can go deep within, rest our spirit, and emerge with renewed joy.

At St Peter’s we’ve already experimented with digital prayers and high-tech candles. We’ve tasted the power of technology in a spiritual setting.

Our new website is all part of this. And there’s an earthy, practical side to it too.

When life prevents us from getting to church, we can show up all the same, via our laptop or phone (yes, the new website is finally mobile-friendly!)

We can tune into blogs from the vicar, curate, members of the congregation, and guest bloggers. We are all on this extraordinary, unfathomable journey. Connecting with each other online lifts us out of loneliness.

If you would like to contribute to the blog, it is waiting for you.

There is also a fresh calendar of events that reflects the blossoming activity in the crypt. St Peter’s is at the heart of a fast-changing neighbourhood, and many people are making use of the abundant spaces available here.

We all have our favourite sanctuaries. We all yearn for a beautiful place to call home.

I hope this website becomes a sanctuary, for us all.

Dear God,
We place this website in Your hands.
May it be a place of deep refreshment for all who come.
Please bless this digital space with your Holy Spirit.
And may love prevail through it.

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